Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

from june 26 to june 28: Hör-Spuren / Audio-Traces

Hör-Spuren / Audio-Traces is an audio tour guiding you through the history-charged area of the Ernst-Thälmann-Park in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

The tour was created, curated and realized by Lisa Albrecht and is now available to the public for the first time as part of the B_tours international festival of urban tours.

The festival takes place on the coming weekend from june 26 to june 28 2015.

You can find all details, tour dates and can book tickets here:ör-spuren--audio-traces

I contributed a short piece of music to the tour and was happily allowed to take a first walk today.

So whoever is in Berlin that very weekend and enjoys herhimself a bit of urban history is invited to participate.


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