Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2015

no more social media and the owner of a broken arm.

Hey peeps!

As i noted at the place that i now left i stopped using most of the social media services that i used to use in the past years. Reasons are various - though nothing world-shaking and i'll keep on doing my thing anyway. 

Together with Alex from Noorden we have some stuff lined up for summer and there will probably be some more later in 2015.

Next to that i broke my arm two point five weeks back but as it seems it'll be back fine within a few more weeks (which is good). On the other hand (insert one hand joke here) our upcoming event in Bristol was cancelled unfortunately (which is sad).

Anyway our dear Sara is now taking care of the Greta Cottage Workshop bookings and you can get hold of her (and that way also of me) by writing to: (at) gmail (dot) com

So that's what it looks by now.

Have a good start into summer.


PS: Loveletters still go to themarxtrukker (at) web (dot) de


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