Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

album: MTDD - Bernau 4

Back in (yet frosty) autumn 2012 Matt and the family came visiting Berlin for a weekend and that's also how we met first (like non-internet-wise oldschoolish shaking hands and that).

What we did then was giving the guys a tour through the city, experiencing a fair bit of the city's history, having a great time together (i remember us been hanging out pretty much all the time) and next to that, taking some photos & (now it comes) doing field-recordings.

A lot of the recordings were taken round The Reconciliation Church and the same area around Bernauer Straße (you now guess how we came up with the concept better described elsewhere than i might do here).
Especially Daisy (Matt & Sally's gorgeous little daughter - well okay, she grew a fair bit since that) took a lot of them & was pretty blown away by all the impressions. 
Matt then shared the recordings with me right after they went back to the UK. 

A few days after they left i played a liveact at the Brunnen70 (the coincidence wants it, that this club is located very close to where these recordings were taken and the whole story took place), still being massively inspired by all we experienced together (you see your city with much different eyes when you're on the road with people from elsewhere and especially with children).

So i had all these recordings with me for the liveact (especially enjoyable were the bells and all the vocal bits & bobs) and didn't yet know where this might end and so i just worked them the way i always approach my stuff (randomly and somehow led by my inner compass). 
I still remember the setup which was just the Octatrack and the DSI Evolver (for filtering purposes) plus the usual one or two effects. The whole thing was then just fully improvised at the opening of the night (starting by about zero) and recorded straight into another field-recorder.

The other day at home i re-listened and started cutting the best parts (from about one hour of recordings we kept about 41 minutes which is a fair deal i think).
I sent this over to Matt then and he soon decided this to be a Greta Cottage Woodpile release (another coincidence wants it he only told me about the Woodpile project getting started when they visited Berlin just a week and another back with Franklin taking care of the first release).

So that's about the story, a bit random, very lovely and a weekend i'll remember in decades.
Love goes out the whole Greta family and all with us!


The album is available at the Greta Cottage Bandcamp & Juno & also digitally & it's fully streamable at Inverted Audio.

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