Montag, 5. November 2012

coming next: Jahreszwei !

Ahoy guys!

Looks like we finally reached autumn then, i hope you enjoy it a bit (well, i do) :-)
And as time goes by there is a new Trukker E.P to be released on the NOORDEN label in two weeks (official release date is 19/11/12).

After my first kind of ambient E.P That Weather Daily Waveform Cycle which i released on my own nearly two years ago there is now finally something new coming for the more thoughtful time of the year (at least it is that kind of time for me).

The release will be available as music cassette (yes, that's good old tape then) which is a great format for that kind of dusty music i think. But we didn't forget about your new-age mp3-players neither, that's why the release will be available as a free digital as well :-)

Jahreszwei contains four tracks i did back in early summer and late summer / early autumn that year. And as the release is put together chronological (startig with the track that was produced last) the A-side shows the more dark side as i already faced autumn when doing it :-) Consequently the B-side is kind of the summer-side then, (at least) i can hear some more light in there.

As i'm always a bit technically with music-things there's one more point to mention i think, while the A-side was produced really rough with an electric bass, an old Portastudio and loads of forbidden recording-techniques the B-side is more digital in terms of production, concentrating on one synthesizer (the Dave Smith Evolver). Though both sides got some treatment in the computer when putting the material together :-)

So that's all for now, i will upload some previews to my Soundcloud very soon, so stay tuned then :-)


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