Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

the marx trukker liveact (past / present / future).

Hey guys !

I just wanted to let you know that i deleted all my liveacts from my Soundcloud and started hosting them elsewhere from now on.
The main reason is that my future appearances will have another direction (at least for me :-) and i like to have a mental cut for that.


To sum it up: 
The liveact as it's been over the last years doesn't exist anymore but i'm open for new stuff and my premise for now is to offer a far wider range of my musical attempts to the people who are interested to book me.
So doesn't hesitate to ask me for an ambient session or some more 4/4 orientated stuff or some more experimental or something in between. 
The borders are past - music is music.

Find all my recorded liveacts ordered by years and startin from 2008 on here:

I added the link to my linklist here and on soundcloud as well so it's easy to find.
For everything else drop me a line to themarxtrukker (at) web (dot) de.

I really hope you enjoy it as it was a big part of who i've been in the past
and who i am now.
Thank you all  !


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