Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Breaks & Chords

Ahoy peeps !

I'm very very happy to announce that my Breaks & Chords EP
is now finally out on Eintakt Records !

Expect four tracks of slightly broken beats, lots of trippy chords and big spaces :-)

The Marx Trukker - Breaks & Chords (Eintakt) by The Marx Trukker

And as there is christmas in six days and Eintakt just relaunched their website and as they celebrate ten years Eintakt Records this year and as i'm a big fan of free music, this EP is released for free download :-)


have a look at the nice website, listen to a big bunch of the Eintakt catalogue for free and if you like to download my EP in high resolution only :)

A special thanks goes to Astrid Höffling for the great artwork and to Bert Olke for another rock-solid mastering of the EP !

So i wish you a very merry christmas and a great start into the new year ! :)

Cheers !


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