Samstag, 12. November 2011

new UNOIKI compilation out now :-)

Hey there!

As i was on holidays the last week i missed the official release date of the new UNOIKI compilation : REDEFINITION#2 EVALUATED a bit :-)

But anyway here it is !

The release features 13 remixes of UNOIKI tracks by Dupois, As We Said, Trigerfinger, Plaster, Cleymoore, The Automatic Message, Urbanoise, Strukturator, Tanaka Hideyuki, Berk Offset, Andrew Duke and me !

I'm very very happy to be part of it and proud to present you the both remixes i did for J-Labs track Doubt !

The first is a more meditative and introspective view on the material, while the second one is a more beat and dancefloor oriented version !

The second one is available as a free digital bonus on the UNOIKI bandcamp site !
(just click buy now and then enter zero :-)

The release is a special hand made CD strictly limited to 100 copies !

Get your copy at:

Find out more about UNOIKI at:

Thanks for your support and enjoy the release!



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