Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Gosh from Yaputhma - Just Kitten (a remix)

Good morning folks !

Today Gosh (aka Dj Snobo) released his track Just Kitten on the San Francisco based De'fchild Productions Label!
Including that EP there are eight broadband remixes from the desks of Havantepe, Selffish, Triton, Suspect, Ruoho Ruotsi, Martinez Gonzalez, Celice Monnette & Enrique Gongora and me :-)

Due to some mastering issues (the file which is uploaded on Soundcloud  and Bandcamp is already corrected) my track is for free download.

Prelisten here:

For a direct download of the 320 kbps mp3 click here or visit Bandcamp for another format :-)

The file will be exchanged at the usual online stores as well but it'll take some time, so enjoy the remix for free meanwhile or buy it at a store of your choice and download the corrected file here :-)

I hope you enjoy it!



Find the release pages at:

De'fchild Productions 

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