Montag, 11. Juli 2011

saturday: live at sisyphos (16-07-2011)

Hey there!

I'm glad to announce that i'll play an early morning liveset (from 10-11 am) an early afternoon liveset (from 1-2 pm :-) at the Berlin based Sisyphos location on upcoming saturday.
The party will start already on friday evening and will take until monday morning with artists like: Dole & Kom, CanDjane, Jan Mir, Anais,Marcel Cluso, and lots of others :-)

Hauptstraße 15 / 10317 Berlin

So,i prepared a bunch of new patterns last week and hope to have a good time out there :-)

Find the event at facebook for more infos: Sisyphos Festival
or have a look at the Sisyphos website.



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