Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

the marx trukker live at killin' me (a recording)

Ahoy folks!

I just came back from the SO36 venue where i played my first real liveact after a long long time and as i was able to record this one and as it felt quite good,i decided to directly upload it and share it with you :-)

The structure of it is a litte simpler than in my earlier liveacts as i reduced my setup (down to 1 Drummachine,1 Sampler and 2 Synthesizers) to have a better overview and to be able to focus even more on single figures and work them out properly.
But i don't want to make too much words right now, here we go:

For a direct download please click here.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for checking it out anyway!


I'll play my next liveact on upcoming tuesday at the Dienstagswelt party at the MIKZ club. So come along and say hello if you like what you hear :-)

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