Freitag, 13. Mai 2011

Lo - Soft Exposure (The Remixes)

Hey there!

Somehow blogspot deleted my last entry about Lo's album (it was already fooling around the last days anyway).
But ok,so i do it again :)

Good old netaudio buddy Lo (Lo on facebook) just released his first full length cd album on Entropy Records (get it here: click).
Compiling this album Entropy Records also released a digital remix EP featuring mixes from Zzzzra,Quantec,Axs,Masterkush and me :-)

You get it for free when buying the album (but hurry up,there are only 100 copies left :-) or you can buy it separately on the Entropy Records website (3,99 euro for 6 files is quite cheap anyway,isn't it?).

So i hope you enjoy the music and wish you a great weekend!


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