Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Ambientistik (The Studio Stereo 012)

Hey there!

Yesterday my former label The Studio Stereo released a new compilation called Ambientistik !
It features a very wide range of gloomy ambient and twisted downbeat tracks including my The Italian Verb (which i'm very happy of to be released there and now :-)!

The compilation contains 19 other tunes from artists like Paradeigma, Nevroz, Bombyx, Egdar Allen Fou, Dawamesk & Emy Chauveau, Nukua, Pavell Nikof & Naan, Sub-Altern, Sanderson Dear, 10konekt, Ruby My Dear, Shepherd, Bishop Dust, RF061992, Marc Blanchard, Alaif_O, PierrotheMoon, Otist Reading and Ak Patux.
It's enormous :)

I wish you to have a great musical trip with it !

You can prelisten and download the full release for free at Bandcamp.


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