Samstag, 2. April 2011

Vermona Retroverb Lancet is coming!

Hey there!

Today just an information for the tech-nerds around :-)

My beloved Vermona announced a new version of my alltime favourite reverb effect - the Retroverb !

It now comes in the new format of the Lancet-Box which was introduced last year with the MonoLancet (a classic mono-synth) and the KickLancet (a kickdrum module similar to the Jomox MBase but with a more hands on style because of eleven big knobs - the sound is related to the DRM 1 MK 3)

So the Retroverb Lancet features a pre/post usable spring tank (of course :-) ,a multimode filter with three types (highpass/lowpass/bandpass), an LFO in 3 ranges with 5 (!!!) waveform types plus the possiblity to use the internal envelope for even that, the A(ttack)R(release) envelope follower and an input-section with overdrive (yeah :-)

Have a look at it:

there are lots of possibilites to route the envelope and LFO to the VCA and VCF section and a lot of capabilities how the machine is going to be trigged and so on.

I already loved the old Retroverb but i think this one will even kick it to the max !

Price will be very near to the old one (as i heard :-) and releasedate is around summer (june 2011) !

So let's look forward to that - Vermona will present also the Perfourmer 2 and lots of other stuff at the Musikmesse next week !

Check the Vermona Blog (-> to be updated and have a nice weekend !


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