Montag, 18. April 2011

music in march / april.

Hey there!

Here is a small selection of my latest music these days.

This one is some kind of a drumming synthesizer experiment i did on a lazy sunday afternoon a few weeks ago.
It fits well to different moods i think, slower or faster, that's what you have to find out :-)

The Marx Trukker - Playing Tennis Without Rackets by The Marx Trukker

Here you can find another little ambient meditation which was developed from a guitar jam which i like to do from time to time.

The Marx Trukker - Having Coffee With Tyronne by The Marx Trukker

At last i wanna show you the one i did today which led me back to the 4/4 measure after a while :-)
I recorded a few takes of bass-guitar-playing yesterday evening and re-arranged them in the Granulator which Robert Henke did for Max4Live recently (a very nice instrument btw :-) !

The Marx Trukker - Just Another Inharmonic Heartbreaker by The Marx Trukker

Thanks for checking in and have a great springtime !


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