Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Dj Snobo - Basically, fu¢k you, Valentine

Hello Valentins!

Here is a mix Dj Snobo from Riga ( made these days:

Basically, fu¢k you, Valentine by snobo

As he says " the title is a nod to the ever hyped 14th February, its influence on my state of mind at the time of performance, and two of the tracks played ;-] ".

 The only thing i can say is: what a stunning and emotional selection from downbeats to electronica back to more jazzy stuff - just very impressing how well everything fits together!

So stay tuned on Dj Snobo and also check his (great) other mixes and also the Rasoļņiks project he is part of!

Have a nice day with whoever ;)


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