Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

That Weather Daily Waveform Cycle

To be honest,after i did this tracks in the last autumn i wasn't really too sure what to do with them finally. I thought (and still think :) that editing them more and more would have taken the pure peace they own and that is what i 100%ly wanted to keep,so what to do?

I waited some months and listened to them again and again after a while. And as i don't really like things to lie around too long i decided to release it under a new kind of a netlabel idea i had recently.

The ThreeE was thought as a soundcloud group (which will go on of course) and will now also be like a friend to give some special music to from time to time. At the moment only for my own stuff,maybe later for others too.

Prelistening and downloading  is possible on Soundcloud of course:

The Marx Trukker - That Weather Daily Waveform Cycle (ThreeE 001) by The Marx Trukker

and direct Download as a Zip is possible on Sonicsquirrel!

So i hope you enjoy the music and have a great day!


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