Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Bekeschus vs. The Marx Trukker - The Nevercity Memories

Hey there!
So finally a new blog post and also one with a really happy reason :)

I wanna announce the upcoming split EP of the Bekeschus brothers and me which will be released in a few days on !
As you can guess the title will be The Nevercity Memories :-) featuring five of our tracks with a more dubby mood in it !
My contribution consists of another version of my last years Erfurt (in a special Latenight Version some of you might already listened to in a pre-version last year on Soundcloud) and A No Mans Life - both with a really nice mastering of Bert Olke from GL-Audio !

So after all,i'm really glad that the Bekeschus brothers and me finally managed to do a release together as we are friends for so long years already and what could be a better statement of our friendship then combining some of our tracks and sharing them with the musiclovers around the world :) ?

Thank you all for listening & your support !


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