Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Live @ Sonnenseiten Festival Zossen

Hey peeps!

Here is my recording from the debut of the Sonnenseiten Festival in Zossen last weekend.
It was a great pity as the party wasn't visited too good at all, but i had fun while playing although the monitoring also wasn't the best at all,but ok,it worked ;-)

The recording is like one hour of pretty straight and energetic techno what i didn't expect before - it seemed the machines took over control again :D
By the way, it was the last recording with the old setup,i'm just changing it, to make sound even more expressive - i hope that works,so let's have a look when bookings start again :)

So if you like to check for prelistening:

or download directly from there

or from

Thanks for taking the time!


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