Montag, 26. Juli 2010

A Night in the Liquid Garden

After dealing with an oral exam in university tomorrow, i will keep on concentrating on my new liveact which will be performed on Saturday 31-07-2010 at the about:blank club near Ostkreuz - this event is the official release-party for the Liquid Garden Compilation which was published on Eintakt recently  !
Maybe one half of the Bekeschus brothers will join this session with one of his synthesizers for maximum soundperformance - let's have a look ;-)

The complete line-up combines Eintakt-artists Bekeschus,Einklang Freier Frequenzen, Reynold and Klartraum's Nadja Lind who will host the clubfloor with several artists from Klangwirkstoff-Crew (e.g.Motobash,Olga Akbal & Akasha Project, Hugo Duran and last but not least another Eintakt-artist: Gunnar Hemmerling) which will entertain the pretty nice about:blank garden floor !

Entry will be 8 Euro !
I hope to see you there!


PS: You can also respond to this event on Resident Advisor :-)

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